New Firmware For SN750?

May i know if there will be any new FW for SN750. Using it on M2B(chipset) slot and got write speed at around ~1100mbps. I’m using Gigabyte X570 Pro Wifi.

It is similar to issue on the SN850 model. Understand that SN850 will be getting a FW update for this issue. So will SN750 get a FW update too on this? Some links to the issue below. Thanks.

Hi @leongws,

This is to inform you that WD Black SN750 SSD Drive is updated with the inbuilt firmware.

Also, please download WD Dashboard to test the drive health status:

Already got dashboard installed when i first got the SSD 1 week ago. But even on an empty ssd, the write speed is only ~1100mbps when on chipset slot. My main slot already in use (Adata SX8200 Pro).

There are no new firmware for SN750 to address the issue unlike for SN850 which got a new firmware to fix it. That is why i opened this thread to specifically ask if there are any intention for new FW for SN750…

I don’t even see the WD_Black UI when i plug my SN750 in. Also my firmware version just says 1111.

My version number is WDS100T3X0C-00SJG0 What’s yours? My capacity shows lower also at 931gb I think.

Mine same as yours WDS100T3X0C-00SJG0