SN750 is not close to the advertised speeds with my laptop

I recently add a new SN750 into the second M.2 slot of my new Laptop and ran CrystalDiskMark. but there are is not close to advertised speeds.

I tried to turn on the Game Mode in the WD Dashboard program , but the performance is not improved. May i know any missing anything here?

My Laptop : ASUS Strix G15 G513qr-as98
SSD : SN750 1TB

CrystalDiskMark : Read/Wrhite around 1800

I will submit the screen capture of CrystalDiskMark later.

Are you able to check if it is running in PCIe x2 or x4 mode?

Some laptops will implement 2 m.2 slots, but will do it in a way where they only give 2 lanes per slot, thus cutting the read and write speeds to a little under 2GB/s

You can see the link speed in the WD dashboard software:

If it is connected at X4 speeds, but looks like the image below, then you may be experiencing the firmware bug that is present in many PCIe 3.0 and PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSDs from WD, where they released a firmware update to fix it for the SN850 but refuse to implement the same fix for the SN750.
If it is running in X4 speeds, check the payload size using HWinfo 64

HWinfo 64 Free Download HWiNFO Sofware | Installer & Portable for Windows, DOS
(the bright green download button under the portable version).