New Computer How to Download Backup From My Passport Saved with Windows 7 to a Windows 10 Computer

I just had to buy a new computer and unfortunately it comes with Windows 10. My Passport external drive is saved from a Windows 7 computer. How do I transfer it? I don’t want to start it and get halfway through and Windows 10 fubar’s it, Which seems impossible for it not to do with everything. I can wipe the Passport and re-back up the information from the old computer if there’s an easier option to do it that way. Right now I believe it’s set to for the files / folders to go back to their original places. This is a problem because all of my photos are in Windows Live Photo Gallery and it’s been replaced in Windows 10 by some cr*p program I’ve heard nothing but negative things about. I used 10 on an HP Envy my mom bought (I tried to get her to return it) The computer was bad enough but the Windows 10 made it near inoperable. I opted for a Dell. I can operate a computer well enough but I’m not super tech savvy so plain English please. Many thanks in advance.

Hi there,

It seems you used Smartware, try to instead of retrieving to the original placed do it to a retrieved content folder, this way you can have the information on a specific location and then you can put it on the location you want.

Thanks, I’ll try that.