Cannot restore to Windows 10 from Windows 7

Hello all,
I have a 2TB My Passport external drive. I did a backup from my Windows 7 PC. All the files are on the drive because there is only 1TB of free space. When I connect to my new Windows 10 PC and try to restore all the files onto the new hard-drive a message pops up to say I have to schedule a back-up? Does anyone know how to copy all my files to a new PC? Many Thanks,


Try opening the Passport in Windows Explorer. There should be a

folder WD Backup.swstor. Open that and work your way to until you
see two folder, History and Volume. skip History and open Volume.
You should find all the folders from you old computer. Copy them to
the new new computer.

Good Luck!


Hi Cliff,

Many Thanks for the email! I found all the files using ‘Windows Explorer’ and copied them to my new PC.