Network Share

Hello, I have a WD TV Live PLUS connected to my downstairs TV. It has a 2TB WD Elements external hard drive connect to it which contains videos. It is also connected to my wired home network.  Yesterday I purchased 2 WD TV Lives. I connected one of them to my bedroom TV so I could play videos off the external hard drive connected to the WD TV Live PLUS downstairs through the network.  The new WD TV Live can see all the computer shares and the WD TV Live PLUS on the network. When I try to connect to one of them it takes me to a Login Screen that has anonymous as a username and asterisks for the password. I tried both units, the first one with all firmware updates and the second with no updates, all with the same results.  I would be truly appreciative for any help.

I GOT IT! I didnt know at the logon window to except the default password you had to arrow over to the check mark to highlight it to green then press enter.   Stupid Mistake!