Network Connection Failure 905 / 907


I have this cloud (4TB) for more than 2 Years know, and it worked as is should.
I was able to connect from several Android devices via MyCloud App, inside and outside my LAN.
But since some month it doesn’t work anymore outside my LAN, I get sometimes an error 905 or 907 if I try to connect via mobile data.
If I try then to connect from the same device via the browser, I can access my data.
That tells me that it shouldn’t be an issue on my router.

I’ve deleted the app, cleared the cache and tried everything what I found here, but still no success.

I need some help to get it work again, without an external access a cloud doesn’t make that much sense to me.



You should try to check after rebooting of My Cloud Home device and configure using My Cloud Home mobile app.