Network backup to NAS other than EX4,EX2, etc?

I have an EX4 and I want to back it up over the network for security purposes (different location).  I also have a single drive My Cloud Personal that is about a year old and I want to use that as a backup target.  Is there any way to use the My Cloud Personal or any other NAS as a backup target?  The EX4 only seems to be able to back up to like units and the My Cloud Mirror.  I see that the EX4 uses standard RSYNC and I’ve tried to get that running on the Personal based on some articles found on the web but as kind of a “hack”  and I’ve never gotten it to work anyway.  Any ideas?  The only option I have at this point is to have another machine act as a middleman and copy from share to share.



Hi there and welcome to the WD community.

The EX4 unit is only capable to backup to another EX unit or the My Cloud mirror, however you should be able to backup the My Cloud unit to the EX4, i have not tried using Rsync, but lets see id another user can share some information or tips on this matter.