Backup from MyCloud to other Nas or FTP on the LAN

So I just got a MyCloud 2100 - its replacing an old Zyxel NAS540 that had limited functionality.
I have decided it would be nice to use the old NAS as a destination for backups of MyCloud -
The idea being it would be on the same LAN but located in a different building (an external garage) - so should a fire ever happen that I should have a backup destination.

I have seen plenty of articles on setting up RSync - which seems very ‘hacky’ - I also see that the the Apps section has a preinstalled App for “FTP Downloads” which is says is for “Use your My Cloud PR2100 device to backup to and from FTP Site.”
The app always seems to have the source as the external device and the destination as the cloud so for me this seems to indicate that it is one way and backup to rather than from.

Has anyone every had a similar use case and could suggest if what I would like to do is possible.

Thanks for any advice,

You didn’t indicate if yo have the EX 2100 or the DL 2100. You may, if you haven’t already, want to see the dedicated subforum for your specific unit. This subforum (My Cloud) if generally for the single bay My Cloud units. People more knowledgeable with your unit may frequent your unit’s subforum.

If you use the search feature, magnifying glass icon upper right, you will find various discussions on using Rsync on the single bay My Cloud to backup to another device or location.

Further, if you haven’t done so already, read the user manual for your device. Its possible it may include the option to backup across the LAN to another device.

Its a EX 2100 - apologies didn’t realise there were two types of 2100 - I would of assumed this would be a relatively easy task but maybe not - I’ll dig through the forums and manual see what I can find. Just thought a quick comment in the communities might point me in the right direction and help me avoid any gotchas