Netflix "Tile / Icon" does not show up in video section


I just got the WD TV Live Plus.  According to the instructions to access Netflix you look in the video section.  On my box it does not show up.  I see and can access YouTube but the NetFlix Icon doesn’t even show up.

I have Firmware 1.02.21 installed.

Just so you know it is not a Network issue.  I can access “PlayOn” from the box and stream Netflix using PlayOn.

My system is Windows 7 Pro 64.


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If you’re running firmware 1.02.21, you have a WD TV Live, not a WD TV Live Plus.

The Plus never had that firmware revision, nor is it compatible.

Where did you get your ‘Plus’ from?  If from eBay, I suspect they’re scamming you.

If from a new store, you either bought the wrong item or someone has returned a Plus but put a Live in the box instead (aka stealing a free upgrade).

In any case, you need to return it if you’ve been sold the wrong item.

Thanks for the reply.

I bought it a Best Buy yesterday.

I looked at the device tag withe the S/N and P/N and it says it is a “Plus”.

The nice thing is you can take it back to Best Buy and just exchange it without any hassle (odds are it’s just a mislabled Live).

It is not possible to have 1.02.21 firmware on the Plus.  

What does the Bootup screen tell you when it starts?

Also go to the SYSTEM INFO screens and see if the S/N matches the label.

Hi All,

Thanks for the replys.  Come to find out I had a factory mislabled unit.  The S/N on the unit did not match the system information screen.  I took it back to Best Buy and exchanged it.  The new one worked.  Netflix came right up.

Thanks Again.

Betcha dollars to donuts it was stolen…Buyer purchased a Plus and swapped labels and returned a Live…