Internet content missing ie: netflix etc

Can anyone enlighten me as to why i am not recieving netflix and various other media via the internet. i have just bought the WD TV live box and am really pleased with it apart from this, it does all i wanted from it and more, apart from this. It was one of the things that i was looking forward  to and according to WD’s main website it is included with this product.

I wondered if anyone else has had a similar problem and been able to rectify it. I have the latest firmware 1.06.15_v  which the unit updated to on initial setup. I have read elsewhere that this might be the problem.

any answers guys?

I’m waiting for a response from the support people but this has been frustrating me all weekend.

cheers - chris

The player you bought (the 2009 model) doesn’t do Netflix.

ok thanks for that.

is there any chance that it will or i’ll have to see about returning it.

thanks for reply.

Hi again

Theres no need to continue with this thread as i’ll be returning my unit tommorow to exchange it for the upto date version.

Thanks for  letting me know  it is an old model.


Hi, I bought an HD Live box some time ago and have never been able to play video through it. I gave up after a few pathetic attempts at re-coding which all failed to play and so I reverted to playing avi, mkv mp4 etc. from my PC instead. I used it only for viewing still pictures.

Now I have a little time at home, I decided to re-visit the problem.,

I updated to the latest firmware etc. 1.06.15_V as indicated by the box itself.

I have recoded according to the instructions in the FAQs section using Handbrake, but still only get the circle-of-frustration   as I think of it. I have tried turning the blasted thing on and off, resetting and reset-to-factory-setting etc. Nothing works!

Is this box ever going to work with video or should I just throw it out and buy another vendor’s product (Any recommendation would be appreciated)? If anyone can help me even confirm what the problem is I would be happy, but the lack of anythiing but the circle doesn’t help.