Netflix not connecting today on Live Plus

Am unable to connect to Netflix today on my Live Plus. Other services, Pandora, etc. connect without problem. Have rebooted the router, no go.  Says, Unable to connect to Netflix, please try again or visit   ui-301, ui-201

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We are getting the same issue and codes (ui-301, ui-201).  Our computers are able to stream from Netflix off the same router.  We have rebooted the router as well. We have never had this particular issue or codes come up. 

Yea, I can get Netflix on my newer WD Live Media Player, and my Sony bluray player as well. Just not this. I put a call in and spoke with Level 2. He’s checking on it with Netflix.  Must be an issue today

Getting same error today also was working fine last night…

Just posting to confirm, same error OP is getting WD TV Live Plus.

Add one more to that list.  The Xbox streams fine, albeit from a different account.  Both go through the same router.  ui-301, ui-201 on TV Live Plus

WD TV Live Plus WDBABX0000NBK has the same connection problem with ui-301, ui-201. Talked to Netflix support to no avail.  They woudl send you an email, telling you to do what you have already done - which is to power cycle your cable or DSL modem, your router, your media player unit, etc.  Same problem after 5 times power recycles, at 5 minute intervals.

Netflix is pointing finger elsewhere.    This posting means my connection to the internet is fine.  I’ll wait it out for a few hours, or maybe a day.  What other option besides cancellation? 

It’s something between Netfix and this particular device as I mentioned, I’m not having an issue with my newer WD Live Media Streamer or with my Sony Bluray.  Hopefully they now realize there’s an issue and will work to resolve. It’s a shame WD has basically abandoned this device for their newer ones


Who’s working to fix this?

link Western Digital and Netflix to this topic and let them know you’re not the only person with this stupid problem.

I’ve called the cable company to check speed…Netflix support said that was the problem. Speed was fine. Western Digital support was useless and so was Netflix.  What  does ui-301 and ui-201 mean anyway? It’s on a Netflix screen and they can’t even explain to me what it means??? Do I just wait a couple of days and see if the problem is resolved?  Netflix sent me an email with everything I had already done like what of the other posters had written.  This is all laughable, but issues like this bug me. Thank you for letting me vent. If Western Digital is responsible the company better think twice because I am inclined to buy another brand.  Scott

what’s the email address for netflix? I can’t seem to find it.

same issue here, wont connect. Just started today!

No email address. One has to call them. And ask them what ui-301 and ui-201 means.  I want to see if you get a straight answer.  Scott

Mine works now!, anyone else got it going?

Mine is working too. My faith has been restored!..but I still want to know what ui-301 and ui-201 means. Enjoy. I’m watching Star Trek Next Generation reruns.  Scott

Nice I’m working my way through Deep Space Nine first time I’ve watched it in order since it aired. 

Mine works too.  Someone, somewhere… did something and things went back to normalcy.  They’re just too proud to announce what was the problem.   ui-301, ui-201 remains unknown to us, the kings, the customers…

We all get so riled -up (is that a word?) over everything, I am starting to wonder if we all are living on a Hollow-deck  somewhere. As before, the crisis seems to be over so let su enjoy the times we have.  Scott

“us” not “su”!  Scott again