WD TV Live Plus Looses NetFlix account each day

I have three of these in my house. All are hard wired and have both Intra and Inter network access.I have no issues with any of the other applications on any of the three. On Netflix, each day when I try to access Netflix it tries for awhile and then presents a screen saying “Could not connect to Netflix. Please try again or visit www.netflix.com/support”.
I can get around this daily by doing a factory reset to default on the media player and then re-entering my netflix account information and it works fine whether I exit out or stay connected to Netflix. Then at some point during the night something happens and I am unable to access Netflix the next day.
Date/Time is modified each time I reset to factory default
Verify my network connection is good
Tried reseting Licenses but that doesn’t appear to have any affect.
I am on the latest Firmware on all three boxes. However, one of them was on an older firmware release and still had the issue. I recently updated the firmware to the latest to see if I could get any change in behavior. There was none.
All three devices seem to have begun having this issue the same day.

Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Hello there,

Have you tried to setup a static ip on the network settings on the device to see if this helps,

Thanks for the response. I did not try statically assigning the IP.
However, I did work with one of the lvl 2 engineers at WD support and they
had me load firmware Rollback onto the device via a USB. I did this on one
and so far it has not reoccurred. I will check again today once I get home
and if all is still good, I’ll do the same to the other two devices.