Need help: WD Passport suddenly slow transfers and keep hanging

Hi all, I currently own a 2TB and 1TB WD Passport. I have been using my 2 TB one for the past year and it was working well until wed. Thurs onwards, it suddenly keep hanging when I tried to play videos, especially those of bigger size. Videos of smaller sizes may play at times, hang up the player on other times. These videos were playing perfectly before then. 

I tried playing videos saved on other drives and they work with no issue. Now, I’m trying to transfer my files out of this 2TB harddisk but the transfer rate is always nearly 0kb/s…while it used to be going on mb/s. Any suggestion on what I can do to solve this issue?

Thank you

Hello there, welcome to the community.

If you have tried using a different cable and computer and you are still having the same issue, I would checka the drive for error using  WD datalife guard.