Need Help - WD Live Streaming Player


I am having weird issues with 2 of my WD TV.

Products I have -

  1. WD TV Live Hub Media Center : WDBACA0010BBK-00, Firmware shows 3.12.13
  2. WD Live Streming Media Player : WDBGXT0000NBK-01, Firmware shows 1.04.12

Problem started 3 days ago when i tried to connect an Ethernet cable to Live Hub, it rebooted and until i take the cable out it keeps on rebooting by itself. If i unplug the cable, it will keep on rebooting by itself.

After a while i connected Live Sreaming media player with same cable and did same. Even if i try using wireless on Live streming Media player, it reboots.

To resolve this, I have done following but no luck :

Replaced NW cable
Fectory Reseted Router, and both WD Players
Replaced to other Router, worked fine for first time and same issue arise
UPNP is off on router.
I tried downloading files to update firmware, it doesnt detect the new firmware so i cant update.

Any suggestions would be really helpful