Need help recvering lost data

I need help asap . i just went to go use my WD external hard drive and there is nothing on it. I have lost all data from it which includes every photo ever taken of my daughter. Please please help

Google “Data Recovery Software” or contact a Data Recovery Service


My first advise to you is don’t use that device for further data restoration as it may overwrites the lost data. And download Stellar free data recovery software on your system and connect the drive to recover lost files. The software which i am recommending you allows to preview unlimited recoverable files as well as give option to save files upto 1 GB at free of cost.

Had disabled Back Up - thank goodness - have downloaded the Stellar software and paid for the yearly Standard Rate and at present is happily downloading all my Stuff back on to my PC - fingers crossed. When I have tried this previously without the Stellar software the Stuff comes back in a JPG_LAST file - really hoping that doesn’t happen this time If it should have you any advice on how to open that type of file. Thank you so much for your help -so far


How have you got on with this? My data has just disappeared today - over 2tb just vanished.

Hi Adam
Left it “saving” data last night. Seemed to be working ok. Am trying for the photos first, you can actually identify which files you want to save providing you can read the files saved on your WD device. Can you see any files on the device?


Hi Pam,

I’m absolutely devastated with this. I’ve been backing up my SD cards to my WD My Passport in monthly folders. Yesterday - without any warning, the last 3 months have just disappeared - over 2 TB of data gone. It’s not a corrupted drive as older folders are still present and contain data.

I ran the utility drive check last night - that took almost 5 hours. After it, several folders that had previously vanished were back but when you go to explore them I get the no access dialogue box.

So much data. This cost £100 and absolutely nothing from WD about my data. I’m so utterly depressed and if this data is lost, I will ensure people are warned away from trusting this company with anything data valuable that’s for damned sure. Absolutely raging inside.

I’m not sure what you are doing will work for me as I physically cannot see the folders saved after October. A peculiar thing is I saved 2 shots of the moon on 10.01.2020 and these are still there!

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