Lost everything

I bought a WD external drive about 3-4 months ago and due to initial problems backing up my desktop to it I think I  inadvertantly erased the “operating system” embedded in the device.

Now I am trying to re-use again it but all I get when I plug it in to a USB 2.0 port on my pc is a message saying the folder is empty . . .

I cannot recall the model name of the device other than it’s a one Terrabyte 64 bit device and my pc refers to it as “My Passport” 0730 (it’s silver and white in color and quite slimlined)

I’ve browsed all the WD Support sites  but I can’t tell which moel it is therefore cannot zero in on the proper recovery protocol.

I also cannot recall if it came with an installation CD/DVD or if the opertaing instructions were imbedded inside the device itself. I cannot find a cd/dvd where I normally store them.

Anyone who can point me in the right direction regarding regaining the use of this drive would be much appreciated by me.


What type of drive you have? Can you post the model number? Also, have you connected your drive to a different computer? Did you get the same error?

Hi there, In this case, I would recommend you to attempt to recover the data using a Data Recovery Software, I have used the one on this link and has worked fine for me.

It’s a USB 2.0 drive and I don’t have the model number as all there is on the device is a Serial number. The logo just says “My Passport”. I’ve tried it on another PC with the same results.

I have however found that I can manually store files on it by copy and paste manouvers  so it is useful again. I just don’t have the management programs that came with it.

I didn’t actually lose any data. I used the embedded software to begin a PC back up but somehow it didn’t work out the way it was supposed to so I just erased all I had backed up already and went to start again. But found the embedded software and operating software had been deleted as well. All I get when I plug it in to the USB 2.0 port now is amessage saying no files found…

I am able to copy and paste important data from my main PC to the device so it is still uesful but no longer has the operating software it came with such as auto back up and so on.

quote: Click the Kudos star to say thank you for helpful posts and ‘Accept as Solution’ under options for the post that solved your issue . . .  I will certainly do this once I have the problem solved and do appreciate yours and othere suggestions so far.