My Western Digital External Drive HelpNeeded

Hi WD Team

Greetings. I’m having WD Passport - External Drive which worked very fine before I use a recovery software . Now it does not allow to view the files and folders. When the drive is connected the light flashing. Verifying the passport. Again If I try to reconnect password windows appears. I have 400/500 GB data. Could you please help me to access to see the files ? I’m very sure the drive was fine before. Please guide me genius.

Kind Regards

At the time of this post Western Digital does not have a dedicated data recovery software. What have you tried so far? Is the hard drive accessible for adding new files? Have you tried enabling hidden files and folders? If the data within your unit is crucial and has no backup then perhaps it would be best to contact a professional data recovery service company.

Thanks for the response. Ok. May I know is there any basic level data recovery software available with Western Digital now ? Actually, I’m facing financial hardship now which troubles me to go with private data recovery.

I was not really sure why the external drive was crashed. If I come to know any partial reason that will be really helpful to me in future. Is it possible of recovering at least only the Word document files which are my project related ?. Please help me. Drive has not gone to deadly state and the lights are flashing. Accepting the password but looping back to the same password request window.

When I looked in Disk Management it shows the drive as Unallocated Space !!! Really confused !

Thank You.

No, unfortunately.

You can try browsing for a free data recovery software online though. Some members of the WD Community have tried applications such as TestDisk and Recuva in the past with varying degrees of success.

Thanks. I tried with both but ended in vain. TestDisk couldnot detect any available partition and Recuva did not recover any folders but drive is detected with model number and WD Passport brand name etc… Can I confirm there is nothing inside the hardware ? Is it ok to conclude like that ? But I lost some sensitive data !!!

Please reply. thanks.

Software will not be able to assist if there’s a hardware fault. You will need the assistance of a professional data recovery service company in order to safely dismantle the unit and access the platters.