Need help in My passport Ultra

Hi All,

By accident, I delete all of my My Passport Ultra. Now the Drive is empty and can connect to the Window 7 computer but can not be recognized by my LG 65" UHD LCD Smart TV 65UH652T. Can any one show me where can I download the drive or software for my passport so It can connect to TV and I can what MP4 from the passport?

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You need to verify which File System the Smart TV is able to recognize and then format the drive to any of the recommended file formats.
However, most devices like DVRs, TVs, etc… will format an HDD once plugged in, so I recommend you contact the TV manufacturer for specifications.


Thank you very much for your help. I check on my LG TV and it allow me to
format on TV. I have done so then LG TV can recognize the My passport
Ultra now. But my computer can not recognize the Passport. Can you help me
what I need to do now?

Thanks and best regards,