Need help connecting my Smartphone as a thumb drive to WD TV live

Hi I have a WD TV live that I use to play movies off my hard drive. I don’t keep it connected to any network and just use thumb drives or my external HDD. Recently my computer has died so I started downloading movies on my smartphone with a torrent app. Id like to be able to plug my phone into the media player with a USB cable and play movies off it or transfer the movies to my main HDD off my phone. When I plug the smartphone into my WD TV live I get the message saying " unable to create media folder on read only storage" or something like that. So I’m just looking for a easy basic way to use my smartphone as basicly a thumb drive to play movies off of. I know I could go buy a thumb drive that can connect to my phone or a hml cable but I’d rather not spend more money. I’m using a Galaxy Note 3 running CM12

i guess there’s a couple of things you can try …

  1. Buy a OTG Cable (if you don’t already have one) to transfer your Movies off the phone to a thumbdrive eg.

(surely you could afford $3.98 US)

  1. Download a Media Server App (UPnP) … connect your WDTV either via ethernet or wireless dongle and stream your movies from the phone to the WDTV via the “Media Server” *

*assuming you have a wireless modem router