Does WDTV Live accept USB 3 devices?

Hi there

I have 2 quick questions regarding the WDTV Live. Firstly, are you able to connect external devices that are USB 3.0? I have a WD 1TB hard drive that is USB 3 with video files on it and I’m not sure if the media player will accept it.

Secondly, does the media player work with smart tv’s? I bought a Samsung smart tv last year and the media player didn’t work with it at the time but since then an update has been released and wanted to find out if it was worth moving the player from my simple lcd tv to the smart tv.



yes and yes (worked fine with my Panasonic Smart TV)

Thanks mate, appreciate the help

Trying to connect my Samsung M3 portable 1TB USB 3.0 hard drive and it’s not even registering that the device has been connected. The white light on the front flashes twice and that’s it.

You said in your original post you had a 1TB WD USB3.0 Hard Drive … and now you have a Samsung portable ?

Maybe it’s the “SafetyKey protection” feature on the Samsung M3 that’s causing the problem ?

Dunno ? all i can say is … my 1TB (WD Elements SE Portable), 2TB (WD Elements Portable) , 3TB (WD Elements Desktop), 4TB (WD My Passport Ultra) all worked fine with the WDTV

Personally i wouldn’t touch anything Samsung after all the problems they’re having with Washing Machines and Mobile Phones …

Buy Samsung … and have one of these handy :wink:

I have both

Samsung products are by far the most superior from my experience. I’ve had several WD drives fail on me and my previous media player was a heap of sh*t. Most of my devices are samsung and not one of them have ever failed or broke on me.

I thought it might have been the file system but they’re both ntfs and the wd elements works but not the samsung