Playing content from WDTV Live to iPhone

Hi there,

Can someone help me please?

When I first installed the WDTV Live, a little icon appeared on my desktop. When I click on this I can access all of the media stored on any hard drive connected to the WDTV Live. This has been great as if I wanted to carry on watching a TV Show etc upstairs I just take the laptop with me and I can.

I’ve also had an app on my iphone for a while which lets me control (somewhat) the WDTV live, so I know my iphone can somehow connect to the WDTV too. More recently I’ve downloaded one (called MediaConnect) which plays content from my PC on my iPhone. This is great but the vast majority of my media is on my hard drives connected to the WDTV Live.

Is there anyway I can make this app, or any other app (even a paid one if need be) be able to read and play the content of these drives please?



Map them as drives on your  PC and stream them as if they were local.