NAS to USB Backup Software

I accidently uninstalled the USB Backups App and require it to do a NAS to USB backup. Does anyone have the file that I can use to do a manual install? A long story but I cannot enable cloud access at this time to get to the WD Cloud apps store. The NAS is a PR4100 using OS%

Hi @rickcloutier,

Please refer to the below article My Cloud: Configuring USB Backups:

If further assistance is needed, please open a case with our support team at the following:

This is the OS5 forum. The link is for OS3 devices.

And software is very limited…

IIRC; The OS3 and OS5 software worked very similarly.

And yes. . .the software is limited. But (again; IIRC) it worked just fine.

(I tend to use Drag and Drop and utilize a folder syncronization/comparison program)