Thinking of using the folllowing setup for ‘extra’ backup protection.

PR4100 as main storage for LAN with Raid 5 using 4TB red drives. All data from computers stored here.

PR2100 to maintain backup of PR4100 to Raid 1 with 8 TB red drives.

Use alternating 4TB easystore drives As offsite storage backup of PR2100.

Gigabit network.

Currently using an older Seagate NAS 440 as storage Raid 5. Several years old, time to upgrade for several reasons but speed is main.

Trying to backup to easystore USB drives slows network to a crawl when backing up NAS. This is of course USB 2.0 to USB 3.0 (easystore drives). Not expecting fast but I’m almost 60 years old and would like to have a backup in my lifetime.

Two drives failed on NAS. No current backup from previous three days. Thus lost work till I recovered using EFS Explorer Raid Recovery software.

This the second reason to the upgrade to newer hardware.

Needing info on speed from NAS to NAS and the from PR2100 to USB easystore.

Sounds like overkill but they want to be better prepared for that moment when space and time converge in a non meaningful moment.

Had thought SSD drives but seems to be too costly and more overkill than needed.

Any suggestions, information on how fast data can be backed from NAS.




Hi there,

NAS to NAS = 30 MB/s ~ 125 MBs (Gigabit Ethernet + RAID 0)

NAS to USB = 50 MB/s ~ 115 MBs (Gigabit + RAID 0 + USB 3.0)