NAS backups in Cloud OS 5

i have an ex2 ultra and upgraded to cloud os 5.

did nor think about a functionality i use, backups … it is now an app i must install.

my issues:
i have an attached usb drive that contains a complete nas backup (including private shares) … which i was using with the latest version of cloud os 3.

now the backup options i see do not include backing up my private shares. Public, Smartware and Time Machine are the only shares i can choose from.

its going to be a headache knowing i cannot ‘reconnect’ the latest backup on the usb drive and make a new job that picks up where it left off. its also going to be very time consuming to redo an entirely new job for 4 TB of data.

any suggestions for backing up all my private and public shares to the usb attached drive in a simple way as used to be with cloud os 3 ?

I have the same mess. I couldn’t find any kind of mapping or data how to get such backups re-enabled.

Another trouble is the backup via the WD Cloud 5 App…as it decides by it’s own where the data is backed up to!, there is no choice to define a specific folder as backup location.
I would like to have my own full control on backups, predfined is good. but option for an override must be given.

The fix for the USB Backup of Private share will be in the next release of USB Backup app along with the next firmware release coming very soon.

does that include a fix to no longer need to grant admin read/write access to the private shares ?