NAS not accessible

I’m trying to set up my 4TB Sharespace for my Sonos system…Sonos can index the music files, but it can’t access the NAS to play the files (something about access/permissions), but I can access the drive from my laptop (with WD’s s/w installed). Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Here’s the solution:

Basically have to repoint the device to a new “root” directory…in my setup, in addition to the folders that came set up already (Download and Public, plus a couple of hidden system directories), my CD ripping service created a few more, e.g., Lossless, Mp3, Purchased. While my WinXP laptop saw these drives after I installed WD’s s/w and while Sonos was able to scan them, the Sonos wasn’t able to access these files/directories when I wanted to play music. Repointing the Sharespace’s root from “DataVolume/Public/” to “DataVolume/” (per above link) solved that.