N00b Firmware question

I’m sorry everyone but I’m not that much of a techie to understand this so please pardon my ignorance.

I just bought a WDTV Live Hub and the firmware is some version 2.xx.xx

As I checked the forums and the support section, there is a FW update available. v3.04.17

However what I need to know is that there are many FW updates before this

• Version 3.04.17
• Version 3.03.16
• Version 3.03.13
• Version 3.01.19
• Version 3.00.28
• Version 2.08.13
• Version 2.07.17
• Version 2.06.10
• Version 2.05.08
• Version 2.04.13
• Version 2.03.24

Does the version 3.04.17 contain the fixes and updates of the previous FW updates? OR

Do I need to download each one and install it?

Please help me out here.

Thank you very much.

No need. You can install manually to the latest. If you let the Hub do the update through the net, it might do some intermediate versions, but that is OK… Just let it do it.

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Thanks a lot.

So I can do the update of version 3.04.17 from the USB as instructed right?


Hi, thank you very much for the post.  I have also similar question. i missed the old firmware, 3.04,17. i would like to download it manually and install it but i didnot find it, could you helo me.

If i use the latest firmware, 3.05,10. will it resolve the previous issue which does 3.04.17. please help me.

 thank you very much.

You can find older firmware releases here:


Thank you very much…

Weird question to tag along with the initial post here:

Last year there were many individuals complaining about major issues on a particular firmware and many were trying to roll back to a previous version.  So that kind of freaked me out and I have stayed away from updates.  I’m still using 2.07.17 and was wondering is there really any new additions/services I’m missing since that firmware?  The 2.07.17 has worked perfectly since I’ve had it…I was just wondering if I was missing out on some cool new stuff over the past year or should I just stay put.

Thanks in advance for your replies! :slight_smile:



If you completely happy with how your WDTV Live Hub is working … i would’nt go upgrading


If you feel you may be ‘missing out’ on something … sure upgrade


(but i would Highly recommend reading the “Release Notes”  of every version 1st , to decide for yourself.

And read extensively the posts on this forum to weigh up the pros and cons.)




You can always RollBack to a previous Firmware if you are not happy …  (Thank God)





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I like Joey’s response but I’ll add that yes you are missing a ton of stuff by staying in the 2x series FW. You just need to decide if you care about any of it.