MySQL Backup Database

I utilize Kodi on three different platforms and have them all pointed to the database stored on my MyCloud Ext2 Ultra. It is working well. I want to back up the database naturally. I understand I can do it with the included app phyMyAdmin. Problem with that solution is I don’t control or know where the back goes to back that up!

So I understand the Windows version of MySQL Workbench will allow me to do that; but I cannot seem to get it to connect. I enter the IP address of my MyCloud on my local LAN. The default port 3306 I leave along and enter the same username and password as I do for phyMyAdmin. I even tried the new user account I specifically created for Kodi to create the database. I still get no connection.

I am beginning to wonder if MySQL Workbench can talk to the device. Anyway, I am just really looking to a secure way to back up this database. Any Ideas.?

I ended up now just finding the solution and I pass it on for the benefit of others. I had to use an older version of the tool. MySQL Administrator rather than MySQL Workbench.

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