WD My cloud 4TB + Mysql + Kodi


I have a WD My Cloud 4TB and have copied all my movies there. I have installed kodi in my laptop and works really well… but I would like to access to kodi from the rest of my devices at home.

I have read this is possible installing mysql in the WD my cloud and uploading the kodi DB there…

is this possible?


You don’t need to install any SQL. Kodi can access your media either via the Twonky DLNA server, using UPnP/DLNA, or as an SMB network drive. Works perfectly with multiple Android devices. It will mean each device will create its own database, but I don’t think that’s so bad…

that´s whay i want to avoid…I would prefer to syn one single DB…

All devices should be able to access Kodi via SMB without any issues at the same time. I do that at home for PCs, tablets, Phones and a Fire TV.

Now, IF you want to be able to share the same DB for all devices so you can see on any device the status for “watched movies”, “shows in progress”, or keep playing on any device whereever you left a movie, mysql is needed.

I personally do not do that, but some users install mysql and the Kodi DB on it. 

For the older model MBL there is a Wiki how to do it, There is got to be one for MyCloud but not sure where. Check the Kodi site.

Older model: http://mybookworld.wikidot.com/mybook-live

WARNING: you can’t just use apt-get to install any old Debian package on a v4 firmware MyCloud, as it uses a non-standard 64k page size.

That’s why users such as Nazar78 and fox_exe have built a number of apps for the v4 firmware. Have a search to see if they have a MySQL build.

Check first to make sure there isn’t an SQL server already running on the MyCloud (I don’t know)…


gives some useful looking hits, too.

How can I check if mysql is installed?

Thanks for your help, I am not sure if mysql was only available for mirror versions or also for my cloud.

someone knows if is possible to install kodi in WD My cloud?

are there any new informations?

is it possible? i’m on v3

May I ask how long it took you to download your movies? I ripped all of my DVD’s onto an external hard drive and want to transfer them to my new My Cloud. It takes at least 2 hours to do so. Is this normal>

It seems the MyCloud with 1-Bay doesn’t provide the option to add Apps at all. :frowning:
Or has anybody managed to add PhpMyAdmin to have a shared DataBase for Kodi on a 1-Bay MyCloud?