MyCloudEX2Ultra sends daily alert message to update GoodSync which I do not use

Since over a month, my MyCloudEX2Ultra sends me daily an annoying alert message to update GoodSync.
I have not this feature installed and cannot get rid of this message.

I have tried to install GoodSync just to get rid of the message but the same message is still sent every day. It is now uninstalled again.
I am not using any Sync features (i.e. WD Sync)

Here’s the full message:

**[My Cloud Alert] Alert message from your MyCloudEX2Ultra**

Following events are generated on your MyCloudEX2Ultra .

Event title:App Update Available

Event description:GoodSync app has update available. Please update.


Event code:1501

Event time:04-27-2020 04:00:04 AM

Firmware version:       2.31.204

Thanks for your help.


You could refer to the following link: