Every day a notification "My Cloud Desktop update complete" - anyone else get this?

I have a My Passport Discovery. Recently I downloaded the newest firmware update “WD Discovery 4.3.361”. Ever since, every day in the Windows 10 notifications it gives me the message I wrote in the subject line (and also “WD Discovery update complete”). Whether I delete them or ignore them, they arrive newly again the next day.
I see under the settings I can untick the “show OS notifications” box but I do want notifications if there is an actual real update - just not these endless messages when I don’t think it’s actually downloading anything. I mean, I don’t even use the My Cloud Home feature.

I did do a forum search and someone had this problem in 2019 but received no replies. Has anyone else experienced this, and if so, what did you do about it?

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I have these for ages. It seems new updates don’t install properly via the WD Discovery app. The workaround I found years ago is to download the new install file on the WD page and install it this way.

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Thank you, I will try your solution.

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Hi loiterer
Did you try out and did it help? Did you get rid of the daily WD notifications? Having the same problem, I am curious to have your news.

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I know it was only February, but I honestly can’t remember how I solved the problem that time. However, there was another update last week and the same thing happened again with the notification reappearing every day. What seems to have worked for me this time was to go into the WD Discovery app via the ‘hidden icons’ section on the taskbar (Windows 10 PC) and click through the new features it had updated. I only did that yesterday, but have now turned on my computer again after shutting down yesterday and the notification hasn’t reappeared. If it does come back today, I will report back that my method failed.

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I forgot to reply straight away, but yes, after what I mentioned that I did to remove the notoifications, they no longer appeared. I guess you may have tried it by now anyway.

I dream of getting a notification about a My Cloud Home firmware update. I’m still on 8.9.0-108 :face_exhaling:

I’m not sure what the latest version is but if you think you’re not getting the updates you should, first check your WD software Settings to see if ‘Show OS Notifications’ is ticked. If that’s okay, you should then check if your anti-virus (if you have one) may be blocking notifications, then check Windows (if you use Windows) has not been set to block notifications - under Windows 10 you do this by going to Settings>System>Notifications and Actions (scroll down to see if your WD software is checked to notify for updates), also check ‘Focus Assist’ which is also under Systems. Windows 11 is probably similar.

Guess, after the latest update to v.4.4.407 the problem started again for you also. Also, the post from loiterer from Sep 8 didn’t help indeed. But post from yipman from Feb 18 did work for me. Just, it wasn’t that easy!

  1. Uninstall the WD Discovery App
  2. Reinstall with >Install_WD_Discovery_for_Windows.exe (caution: latest version is not working)
  3. Installation stops at 18% → kill process in task manager
  4. Restart PC
  5. Start installation over again
    This will do the job! (Unglaublich, was für miesen IT-Leuten wir unsere Daten anvertrauen!)
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