Every day a notification "My Cloud Desktop update complete" - anyone else get this?

I have a My Passport Discovery. Recently I downloaded the newest firmware update “WD Discovery 4.3.361”. Ever since, every day in the Windows 10 notifications it gives me the message I wrote in the subject line (and also “WD Discovery update complete”). Whether I delete them or ignore them, they arrive newly again the next day.
I see under the settings I can untick the “show OS notifications” box but I do want notifications if there is an actual real update - just not these endless messages when I don’t think it’s actually downloading anything. I mean, I don’t even use the My Cloud Home feature.

I did do a forum search and someone had this problem in 2019 but received no replies. Has anyone else experienced this, and if so, what did you do about it?

I have these for ages. It seems new updates don’t install properly via the WD Discovery app. The workaround I found years ago is to download the new install file on the WD page and install it this way.

Thank you, I will try your solution.