MYCLOUD will not save MS WORD document but saves OPENOFFICE docs

I am using IMAC with OS 10.11 (Sierra). I cannot save documents prepared in MS WORD 2007 to MYCLOUD. I tried ALL extensions for docs in MS WORD. BUT I can save document prepared in OPENOFFICE. I can also drag and drop MS WORD docs into MYCLOUD. I can also scan and save PDF to MYCLOUD. Why can’t I save documents prepared in MS WORD.

Sounds like its a problem with MS Word. Several things to try, access the My Cloud using a different protocol. For example if accessing the My Cloud using AFP (example: afp://wdmycloud), try accessing it using SMB (example: smb://wdmycloud) and vise versa. Also, try mapping the My Cloud to the Mac if you haven’t done so already to see if that helps with saving Word files.