MyCloud PR2100 Issues Seeing Device On Widows Machine

Good Evening,

I am not new to having a MyCloud. I have had a MyCloud Home since 2018. However, having the MyCloud PR2100 NAS is a whole different animal. I have searched like crazy to find a Windows App for the PR2100, and haven’t found one for Windows. I have the app for my Android phone and for my Chrome book but nothing for my Windows 10 machine.

I want to be able to see both the MyCloud Home and the PR2100 on my windows machine so that I can transfer files between the two so that I can also back up files to & from my Seagate 14TB external HD.

Is this even possible. I thought I heard something about mapping but I can’t even see the PR2100 on my Windows laptop, only my Chrome book.

Any advice? Much appreciated in advance.

Gregg Huestis

Hi @GreggHuestis,

Please refer to the article of How to map a My Cloud or NAS device on Windows:

I will do that TY!

I have another question. I was hoping to be able to use my WD PR2100 to host my website: because the host I have now Epic doesn’t let me post videos unless they are YouTube videos, and let’s just say I & YouTube don’t always see eye to eye, and to keep from getting banned on YouTube and so that I can keep my YouTube account, I would like to host my own website and possibly a Patriot Message Board on my PR2100.

Is this possible? I’m new the NAS world so I would need kind of dumbed down instructions how to do this. I’m very computer savy, but the hosting my own website is a brand new thing for me.

Gregg Huestis