MyCloud keeps self-disabling

My WDMyCloud keeps disabling remote access on its own, i.e., I’m not telling it to; firmware version 2.31.204, MyCloud iPhone app version 4.4.25. This keeps happening and it is very frustrating because I don’t know about it until I’ve left WiFi range. What’s happening and how do I stop it?

Typicallyl what happens is the My Cloud cannot create a stable connection through the network router (firewall) due to UPNP being disabled or not available on the router or by your ISP blocking/restricting the ports the My Cloud uses for remote access. The workaround is to select the My Cloud Dashboard > Setting > Cloud Access > Remote Access > Configure button and change the setting to Manual. Then use alternate ports like 8080 and 4443 for example. Then after saving the setting change access your local router and setup port forwarding for the two ports to point to the My Cloud.

Remote Access - Device Offline or Cannot Connect to My Cloud

My Cloud “Cloud Access Status” Definitions

Is it possible to do this remotely when remote access has been disabled? (I tried to open My Cloud Dashboard, but it says–no surprise–My cloud is offline.) Am I basically SooL until I can get back to local access to my drive?

Generally no. Remote access on the single bay My Cloud units does not include access to the My Cloud Dashboard. If you have a VPN connection to your local network then it may be possible to access the Dashboard.

So is the solution you describe above, which it sounds like I won’t be able to implement until I’m back within WiFi range of my drive, intended to prevent it from happening in the future? That’s what I need: a way to keep it from self-disabling remote access (not just a way to restore remote access). Thanks!