MyCloud ex2 backup type

The backup utility to back up MyCloud is not well documented. I don’t know what type of backup it is doing to my usb-connected MyBook. I backed MyCloud up to it once, then the second time I turned on MyBook it automatically started to back up the same backup job again. I can’t find anywhere that indicated if it is doing another full backup over-writing the first BU or if it’s doing an incremental or differential backup. There doesn’t seem to be a way to choose a backup scheme either (full backup, then 5 or 6 incrementals, then full, etc.). Is the WD smartware better for this, and can it be downloaded to MyCloud? Would it be better to simply use my existing Acronis True Image 2015 for this backup since I’m already using it to backup my computers to MyCloud?



you can check this section of the user’s manual for more information. check page #66.

You can also contact support for detailed information about your question.

Why is there a constant reference to the wdmcex2 manual?

It’s obvious that this manual is too compact and too simple to help with real problems.

In the manual you can read how to make a backup.

But after that,… nothing!

What if the result of a backup is a failure?

Nothing in the manual!

How to find information what to do then, not in the manual.

What makes the failure, and why?

What to do to repair the fault, to get a trustworthy backup?

How to find the bad file?

(I now know that one bad file can make a total bu to a failure,  

but no info which file,  and were it is situated,  and what to do next) 

What if you want to sync an existing folder with a new one?

Can’t be done without an existing task you made earlier!

What if you want an incremental backup without an earlier task?

Can’t be done.

It’s making a new total backup within the existing folder.

And you will find nothing in the manual.

What if you don’t want the whole hdd to be backed-up, and neither 1 folder

If you want 2 or 3 folders, it can’t be done.

If choosing a second folder, the first choice is gone.

How is this working?

And again, nothing in the manual.

I had communication with 4 persons from the helpdesk in 8 weeks.

Every 2 weeks there was a new helping person that started at the beginning.

So I had to do a factory reset/ format.

I have done this 4 times, with no result,.

I have emails in English and my native language on several addresses.

And the last one started at the beginning, again.

A manual that handles only the obvious is not very useful.

Refering to it makes no sense.

Making a new and better one does.

And the backup utilities are to simple for this NAS.

It’s necessary to get much more information when the bu fails.

Just a ‘backup failed’ notice isn’t doing the job.

And it is also necessary to make sync/ incremental-backups without a earlier made task.

Just compare 2 folders and copy the new files.

These bu problems are there for a long time!

And are still there!