Incremental backup?

How do you make a incremental  usb backup with the wdmcex2 to a external hdd? 

If I make a backup, and next time I want to backup new files,  how do you do that? 

With every try I get an error, and the incremental backup makes a new empty file on my external usb hdd. 

And after that it stops with a ‘backup fails’. 

What do I do wrong? 

Do I have to throw away the instruction of the first backup? 

Or just click on the old one again to restart? 

No information in manual. 

I have totally restart backups several times,  and that takes 2/3 days every time! 

So not working here. 

Any suggestions are welcome. 

Hi there and welcome to the WD community.

There is a option to automatically backup when the drive is connected so this should make the backup job continuous. On this case i recommend contacting support for further assistance on this matter:

that option doesn’t work either! 

a last question before contacting support:

what is ths best format for external usb drive? 

i now use ntfs. 

all i get is ‘backup failed!’ 

The problem with backing up my WDMCex2 to WD external usb drive is when i copy the drive entirely.

Then I allways end-up with a 'Backup Failed.

When I backup just one file (for example only my music files) then it ends up with a completed succesfull backup!

And I can backup a next file with succes!

But choosing the whole WD disk, I get an error again.

And I still can’t choose 2 or more files, only one or all!

Nothing changed with the last FW upgrade!