Mybooklive very slow and can't copy files to drive


I have bought a mybboklive 2TB and it is connected to a netgear DGN2000 router/modem.

The performance is extremly slow, and I have trouble accessing the drive, I can not copy files to the drive.

It takes forever to access the dashboard in internet explorer.

I’m running windows 7 on my PC.

I can see the drive under attached devices in the router.

When I connect the drive directly to the LAN port of my PC the drive is fast and I can copy files to it.

Has anyone else come across this problem?

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Hi there, sounds like a bottleneck to me o.o

Are you sure there’s nothing on the router limiting the bandwidth on the connection?

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I have been in to contact with netgear support 2 times and they can not see anything wrong with the router.

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I looked at the specs for this model and it looks as if the LAN ports are only 10/100. This is most likely the reason that the My Book Live is not transfering as fast as you would like. It is limited by the bandwidth of the LAN port.


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Connect a gigabit switch between Router and PC and it works

Would either of you be so kind as to explain why a 100mbit connection would prevent someone from copying files to the NAS? Or why the GUI would be slow. I don’t have a gigabit switch, and can confirm that the gui is as interactive as anyone could ask for running at a mere 12mbyte/s.

The router won’t be applying QOS on the lan side.

How well is the router performing on other tasks, for example can you stream from another computer or copy files across the network (between two computers, neither of which are the my book live)? If you switch off all computers except one and the my book live, is the performance still terrible?

As a simple step, unplug the router for a while and plug it back in. Some home routers are sufficiently badly written that pushing a lot of data through one will bring it to a grinding halt until rebooted.

edit: To clarify, I’m also accusing your router. The device working well locally but not through the switch rules out pretty much everything aside from network problems.