My Book Live 2TB drive slows 50% when connected to router

I was actually troubleshooting another drives slow transfer speed and decided to try this one instead thinking the other drive was the problem.  I have an all gigabit set up and initially tested this drive with a crossover cable connected directly to my computer.  I was comparing the other drives performance to the My Book Live drive in a direct connection setup.  I was amazed because with a crossover setup I reached over 90 MBps (yes that is Megabytes per Sec) transfer speeds whereas with the other drive I couldn’t get above 20.  Needless to say I want to keep the My Book drive because that is amazing performance. 

However, once I place a router in the setup the speeds drop to 45 Megabytes per sec transfer rate.  It doesn’t matter how I connect it, I have even tried using a secondary gigabit switch.  Without the router tx speeds are 95 MBps with the router it is 45MBps.  Just so there is no confusion I am testing the speeds by copying a 1.25 Gb file from my CPU (which is a RAID 0, 6 disk SATA setup) to the My Book Drive.  With a crossover it takes about 12 seconds.  With the router it takes about 30.  Don’t get me wrong compared to the other drive the 45 MBps is a huge upgrade from 20.  But I know this drive can hit close to 100 MBps in a crossover setup and it doesn’t seem right to lose 50% by adding in a router. 

I have tried both a D-Link DIR-655 Router as well as a Netgear WNR3500L.  I have tried them with wireless deactivated and no other connections but the CPU and HDD but it still keeps cutting my speed in half when compared to the crossover connection  I have disabled firewall settings in both routers as well as the QOS traffic monitoring things to no avail.  I am hoping there is a simple solution I may be overlooking

Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

It’s not surprising that you are getting a transfer speed deficit when attempting it with a router, just like you normally transfer files faster into the Public folder of the My Book Live than to a Private one even if you’re already logged into it. Cutting it in half seems a tad drastic but I would expect a little slower than the best speed. But very interesting find, that’s outstanding speed indeed, and you just motivated me to run some tests myself hehe!