Very slow write speed (1.27MB) with My Book Live 3 TB

Hi all,

I have just bough a My Book Live 3 TB NAS drive. Generally it is a good device. I upgraded the firmware and then started to transfer the files. I get around 1.03 - 1.27MB transfer speed  (for write access) which is really slow. 

Is there a way of increasing the transfer speed as it should be around 8.00 MB at least.

I have no issues with the read speed as it seems to be fast enough for my requirements. 

My set up is: 

Dell PC with Windows 7 - 64bit and a Broadcom NetLink ™ Gigabit Ethernet 

Netgear N300 wireless dual band adsl 2+ modem router DGND3300v2

The My Book live is connected to the Netgear via ethernet.

Thank you.



Could be the firmware in your router needs updating pal,

In my experiance, its always better to have a 10/100/1000mbit network switch behind your router with cat5E or cat6 cables, for multiple connected pc networks, the reason is that “most” routers only supply a 10/100mbit ethernet connection, this will at best and if in good working order give you 10MB/s transferre rate over your network, if you add a gigabit switch you can reach speeds of upto 100MB/s (1000mbit/s) behind the router, im sure you can see the speed benfits of this.

a cheap gigabit network switch will cost you around £20 from your local pc shop. its worth it in the end for anything network related, specailly now you have a mbl, i could never get good speeds when its connected directly to my router ethernet, my i got the switch my speed increased by X7 i went from 10/50MB and 10/70MB up/down.

however, that is just one surgestion, there could well be another reason for the slow times.

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Thx for the reply. The firmware for the router is not the issue as it has been updated to the latest version a while ago (and it is currently uptodate). The router is one of netgear’s best and I only bought it about a year ago.

I would be happy with a 10 mbit transfer rate, but the current rate is around 1 mbit which is extremly slow.

What else could cause the slow transfer rate (for write operations)?




well you are getting a 10mbit transferre rate, this equates to 1MB actual speed when measured.

when using megabyte and megabit terms we share the megabit by 10 to give us actual megabyte speeds.


upcase MB denotes Megabytes

lowercase mb or mbit gives megabits

approx speeds

10mbit gives 1MB

100mbit gives 10MB

1000mbit gives 100MB

it looks like your router is defaulting the mbl to 10mbit (1MB) speed, check some settings in the router for lan speeds ect, other than that i can only surgest a switch which eliminates the router all together.

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Thx for the clarification.

So currently the router is somehow switched on 10 and I need to change it to 100 (I found the manual at, so I will try to figure out how to force to 100.




The router should autodetect the speed to transferre and should do so at its capable top speed.

I just inferred that the speed your getting is compareable to 10mbit/s being only able to transferre

at around 1MB/s.

do a quick test.

turn off your pc and mbl,

plug the mbl directly into your pc via ethernet.

power on your pc wait for boot up (do not power on the mbl until the pc has booted)

once the pc is up, power up the mbl, wait 2 mins for mbl to join pc network,

locate the mbl on your network and do transferre speed tests to see what you get.

If you get better speeds then you know with 100% certainty its the router bottlenecking the speed somehow.