WD MB Live - why SO SLOW!?

I have setup my WD MB Live 2TB NAS drive and have started moving files and backing up from other sources.  I am finding incredibly slow transfer speeds.  I am getting around 500k - 1.5mb/sec over wifi (sitting in same room with the wifi router) and around 4-5mb/sec using an ethernet cable directly connected to the router.

Can anyone offer some suggestions on how to improve my speeds?  I have read reported data rates of up to 100mb/sec and averages aroun 40-50mb/sec.  I am using a Cisco wrt54g2 router.


Hi, check if the link below helps. 


Thanks Alucardx23,

I have seen this page before and it make sense.  Obviously a Gigabit (1000) network seytup would be best for sure, but I find it strange that my Megabit network (my Cisco router is 10/100 and my NIC on my pc is 10/100) isnt able to go above 5Mb/sec when direct connected?  I dont think adding a Gigabit Switch for instance (as shown in this optimal setup digram from that page) should change my transfer rate as I am not hitting any hardware limit yet.  unless I am mistaking something.  It seems incredibly slow for direct connect through my 10/100 router.

Any firther help very appreciated, thank you!


lots of factors can be involved, including how fast the harddrives are, CPU, Memory, router, etc.

Nevertheless, the major one is overhead, windows drag and drop file transfers you’ll lose between 35%-40% bandwidth. Linux Samba to windows file transfers 30%-35%. See this link


These are the speeds I get on a 10/100 network:
Data: 39.39GB
Time: 1:50:05
Speed: 6404590 Bytes/sec.
Speed: 366.473 MegaBytes/min.

Data: 4.66GB
Time: 0:44:11
Speed: 1890589 Bytes/Sec
Speed: 108.80 MegaBytes/Min