MyBookLive Public folder always asks for password

I have a MyBook Live that has no operational issues except the public folders require a logon.
This occurs with Win2k, WinXP, Vista, Win7, Win8 in a workgroup environment.  All the computers on the network can see & share with eachother.

If I enter gibberish, it allows access to public folders, but any subsequent correct credentials to access private share folders are rejected.

If I enter the correct credentials for a private share when accessing that private share, access to public shares is also granted without another prompt, however, any subsequent correct credentials to access other private share folder(s) are rejected (this is a problem I need to fix).

If I log in with the administrator credentials, I maintain access to all public and private folders.

The private shares work correctly, i.e. they do require a valid username & password and differentiate access permissions.

Once logged in, it works ok, there are no read or write issues or any such systemic problems. 

This is causing issues with mapped drives, specifically moving files from one private share to another.

The Firmware is up to date:  MyBookLive 02.43.09-038 : Core F/W

Hello there,

When you have issues moving files from different private folders, do you try to log in wit a different users on the other shares?