MyBook Live shares always ask for password


I have set up some folder on my MyBook live - some of them are password protected, some of them are “open”.

My first question: who can see the files in open folder? Anyone on my home network or really every one?

Second question: why do I always need to enter a password if I want to open a folder? Is there any way I can circumvent this? I would like to see folder on my Mybook Live like “normal” or local Windows folders.

I am using Windows 8.1 on a 64bit machine and even open folder without password protection won’t open sometimes, as I am asked to log on.

Thanks for your help!


1- Only the ones that have access to your network, or the ones that you setup a remote access account

2- You need to enter the password every time that you want to map a private share, to avoid this, you need to make the share public

3- Can you share a print screen of the message you get when you have problems opening the shares? 

Above please find a snapshot of what I get, when I try to open a my unprotected folder on my WD drive. Again - no pass protection enabled and I also don’t get this prompt all the time, but some times…could not identify when.

hello. there acually two ways of getting around it

Method 1: If your user account name and password are identical to the username and password on the MBL windows will enter your credentials when you double click the folder to access it.

Method 2: making a batch file that executes and enters your credentials when you login

to make the batchfile open notepad and type in the following line by line

echo off


net use \mybooklive password /user:username      <—enter your password and username

net use * \mybooklive\share     <—replace share with your share name (this line is optional as it maps the share)


now go to file save as

click desktop

give it a name and make sure it ends with .bat     example: “batchfile.bat”

under “save as type” field select all files and then hit save

we’ve created the batch file we now need to move it to the startup folder (location is below) so its executed on login

win7 & 8 location:C:\Users\ YourUserNameHere \AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup