MyBookLive and Windows 8 - device manager error

New firmware released.

I thought this would mean the MyBookLive would now be properly identified in Device Manager on Windows 8.

I installed the new software and switched to the WD DLNA server and rebooted both the MBL and my computer, but Device Manager still shows a yellow ! next to MyBookLive (This device cannot start. (Code 10)).

The WD app works, but still identifies the MBL as “MyBookLive-Twonky” even though I’ve switched to the WD software.

Media Server Version:

 Firmware Version:MyBookLive 02.41.05-034 : Core F/W

Windows 8 Enterprise

Click on the following link to view the steps to change to the DLNA server.

I did successfully change to the DLNA server. Still have the yellow “!” in device manager.