MyBookLive 1TB & 2TB and MyCloud 3TB drives not visible in Windows

I am trying to recover from a Windows disaster. My PC updated to windows 10 1809 and generated errors due to an old Bios. Replaced the bios and corrected the 1809 install. Now my 3 network drives will not show up. I have looked for solutions online and tried a number but none solves the problem. Is anyone aware of a solution?

For starters make sure SMB1.0 is enabled. Microsoft typically disables this option in an update to Windows 10.

Also make sure you have the Network Location in Windows 10 set to Private and not Public.

Other suggestions:

I have worked through both of these suggestions and it has made no difference.

Can you access the My Cloud Dashboard using a web browser?

Is the network router handing out a IP address to the My Cloud?

Can you access the My Cloud in Windows File Explorer using the My Cloud IP address?

No, I cannot access the dashboard and there are no IP addresses for the drives in the router. I cannot access the My Cloud using a browser.

As windows does not seem to even see that there are drives attached, can I reinstall them without loosing data? How do I do that for My Book Live drives and for My Cloud

Three devices don’t go bad at the same time. Which means the problem is some how connected to the upgrade. If the My Cloud does not connect to the router. The led will flash yellow for a gen 1 and red for a gen 2. A simple test is to pull the network cable from the My Cloud. The led should start flashing. When you put the cable back in the flashing will stop.
If it does stop that means it is connected to the router. Not sure about the other two devices.

OK, The light on the My Cloud is solid blue. When I take the cable out, it changes to flashing yellow. When I put the cable back in, it flashes yellow for a bit then turns to solid blue so this means the drive is connected to the router. What would be next?

Check the router to see what ip address the router assigned the My Cloud. Then try to
ping the My Cloud. You could also put the ip address in the address bar of the explorer and see if it connects.