MyBook piggy back to MyCloud NAS

I have a 3TB MyCloud NAS and purchased a 5TB MyBook. I would like to attach it to the NAS via USB. I know theoretically it should be a no brainer. However, things are not always as simple as they may appear and would like to know are there any special considerations I need to account for when doing this? Is there a difference in set up that way as opposed to direct USB to my computer? If I do attach it to the NAS, can it be disconnected and attached to my computer later without issue? Its better to go in informed than to try an undo something after the fact.


Take a look at page #85 of the WD My Cloud user’s manual.

Thanks. I suspected this should work but wanted to make sure there were no differences with the MyBook drive as opposed to any other. I have run into issues in the past with a WD MyBook NAS.