Mybook live stream to Xbox 360


I just installed a mybook live and am having trouble streaming files to my Xbox 360. I have set up the Twonky server through the Mybooklive device. I can see the server on my windows machine in WMP and have no problems accessing files from any computer or my wd2go app. However, I cannot find the server on my Xbox.

I read about using Media center as an extender to connect the xbox but don’t have a media center PC.

Do I need to have an intermediate device such as a PC, or can the Xbox be configured to see the Twonky server directly?

Thanks for the help

The MBL should be seen on it’s own by the XBox even when the computer is off but you need to configure it, do you have files on the PUBLIC folder? If so then open an internet browser and type thenameofyourMBL:9000 -or- theIPaddressofyourMBL:9000 so you can open and configure Twonky, you’ll have to allow streaming permissions.

Thanks for the reply. I have all my files in the public folder. I can see the files from the Twonky server via windows media player. I tried to manually add the MAC address of my XBOX via the ip address of my MBL: 9000 but still have not been able to connect to the server via the Xbox.

Is there a setting on my router that I should look for? I made sure that uPnP was enabled. The Xbox and mybook live are both wired to the router but the computer uses wireless.

How about firewalls on the router?