MBL + Twonky + XBOX, help!

I finally convinced my wife to let me get an entry-level NAS drive to help out with our digital clutter(no point in having 200g worth of duplicates on both laptops, plus full ipad/phone memory).

One of the selling points of this device is the DLNA/Twonky server so I can watch movies and listen to music on the Xbox.

I’m pretty sure I’ve done things correctly, but I cannot see the MBL at all on the XBOX.

I can access all the devices via my windows 7 laptop, and both apple products. I can access the twonky server via port 9000 on my laptop, and I am pretty sure I have it set up correctly.

I have uPnP enabled on my router as well- netgear WNR2000v3 running DDWRT.

I cant seem to find any straight-forward step-by-step instructions for connecting the 360.

Thank you

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As long as the Twonky service is enable (which seems to be if you computer can see it on the network) then you Xbox should be able to see it. And the devices are on all the same network scheme and groupd (Homegroup or whatever you are using) you should be able to see it.

All the video files are located in the Public~Shared Videos folders? 

There is no “direct instructions” because it requires one step;

When you go into System Video Player on your Xbox, it is not listed as Twonky as the source to browse?

Its shown in your Windows Network also ?

Only thing I would do if you havent done it already, is reboot the router.

I can see my PC on the system video player, as well as my roomates, but no twonky from MBL.  I power cycled all my equipment and reconnected in the following order, allowing proper time for each piece to be fully booted- modem, router, MBL, x-box. 

I can see both the twonky server and storage of the MBL listed in my windows network.

I have music in the public/shared music and videos in the public/shared videos.

You mention all my devices being on the same homegroup- does the xbox even have such an option?

I had also added the MAC of my x-box to the list of media devices in Twonky manually.

SO, I picked up a new router and the uPnP table filled out correctly and all is working fine as far as streaming to the XBOX- except now my netflix will not stream on my TV(Aquos with netflix app).  Did some digging, and I find that netflix uses ports 80 and 443- both ports are assigned to my MBL in the uPnP table though.  Is there any way around this? Anyone else have a similar issue?

I can log into the netflix app, browse my queue, but when I attempt to play anything, it times out on the initial loading/buffering screen and gives me a generic 'this title cannot be watched instantly at this time"