MyBOOK LIVE 3TB Transferring​ Files remotely through WD2GO and it freezes at 99%

When I remote access into my WD I am not able to transfer a large file (@500MB) to a folder. I am able to transfer small ones. When I attempt to transfer a video file over @500mb the copying always stops when there is 5 seconds left and freezes, usually resulting in my having to reboot my computer.

Anyone know of a solution so I can remotely transfer large file (@500MB+) to my WDBookLive?

I have read thru a past post dating to last year with someone having the same problem but never found a solution.

Im running Windows 7 and I have Mcafee security (but I did try transferring a file on a computer without any firewall/security software installed.

Check if you have the latest firmware update installed. Also check if the problem happens from only one remote computer, or all of them.