MyBook Essential tib.sys driver incompatible in Windows 11

I have a MyBook Essential external drive that I purchased in 2011.

I have bought multiple new computers since then, and currently run Windows 11.

I downloaded Acronis True Image for this computer and have successfully used it to back up the hard drive to the MyBook.

Due to either the latest Windows update, or a change made by Tech Support while trying to get my wireless printer to work, I now get an error message that says Memory Integrity is turned off, and I am unable to turn this back on due to an incompatible driver, tib.sys for Acronis international GmbH, driver version

I haven’t had any luck finding an updated driver.

Looking for some advice on how to proceed with this issue.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @sandslee,

Please refer to the article Memory Integrity Cannot be Enabled for Core Isolation in Windows Security:

Please contact the WD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting: