My Book Essentials causing windows to lock up after lock screen

Here is the External I am using.

My Book Essentials

I’m on the latest version on Windows 11 Pro 64 bit. It is a fresh format and reinstall of the OS. I reinstalled because of the problem I’m having. When I have the drive plugged into the PC and powered on it will randomly cause the computer to lock up while the PC is at the lock screen. I’ll come back to the computer and move my mouse, the monitors will turn on but the screen will never show anything. The PC is also unresponsive. I am unable to get windows to shut down through keyboard commands, or macros on my mouse or even by hitting the power button on the PC. I have to hit the reset button. Windows gave a Memory integrity issue with the WD driver it downloaded for the drive. I uninstalled the driver and turned memory integrity back on. Upon next reboot of the computer Windows up date found and installed the same driver but without the Memory integrity error. However the PC keep locking up while at the lock screen. There appears to be an issue with the driver.

I know this drive is quite old but it’s a 7200rpm drive and it works perfectly with no errors or bad sectors so I use it to back up my main M.2 boot drive. It’d be a shame to have to toss it because of a driver conflict with windows. Any help is appreciated.

Hi @HnyBear,

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the WD Technical Support team for the best assistance and troubleshooting: