Cannot Resolve Memory Integrity Issue

In my Windows 11 Security Center, there is an item notifying me that my system may be vulnerable to attack because Memory Integrity is turned off. This is a brand-new issue. Identified as incompatible drivers are wdcsam64_prewin8.sys (published name: oem101.inf) & wdcsam64_prewin8.sys (published name: oem0.inf). When I clicked on the “learn how to resolve” link, I got total garbage for help.

There is NOTHING in Device Manager like the “helpful” article suggested beyond the totally non-helpful listed drivers…beyond the absolutely useless Core Isolation section.

How am I supposed to procure and install compatible drivers when Device Manager doesn’t identify and offer updates for these problematic drivers? I’ve just updated my OS, and Windows 11 failed to download the requisite drivers like it was supposed to.

I have Webroot SecureAnywhere top-tier license, so I’m not too concerned, but still, I don’t like annoying messages that say there’s a problem that I can’t make go away. Why am I having this problem? I don’t have to deal with garbage like this on Linux systems. The only reason I use Windows is because most game coders don’t write applications for Linux systems.

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I have the same issue and was trying to resolve at the same time.
I’ve updated/ reinstalled the WD Utilities pack but to no effect.
My laptop is often short of System resources despite 16Gb so I thought the Memort Integrity check might help diagnose the problem.

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I’m not sure why this is being discussed here and not in the Microsoft Community, but have you already run the Windows Memory Diagnostic App to see if it shows any problems? Type memory in the search box and select, Run as administrator. I have Windows 11 Pro with all updates, and I haven’t had any problems.

For Memory Integrity.
Results in Windows - Microsoft Community

Thanks Cat,
As you suggested I did carry out a memory chck - no issues found.
Here’s the reason for exploring options in WD Forum.
Windows 11 flags up an issue with WDCSam64.sys etc.

Same here, no resolution yet

It’s being run here because of Microsoft-suggested solutions: Contact manufacturer. Here I am. What’s the damned problem?

Congratulations on your having no problems. I do not enjoy your privileged experience, especially considering I don’t own the Pro version, but I have been administering Windows platforms since 1984, and this is utter bullcrap.

What WD devices do you own? I have a 1st (OS3) and a 2nd (OS5) generation WDMYCLOUD’s. I have been looking for the drivers that are being discussed here but haven’t found them on my computer. I don’t have Memory Integrity on so that may be why I haven’t seen this problem.

This is what I experienced and how I fixed it. Please be careful. If you’re unsure about these steps, then seek assistance.

Windows 11 Home Build 10.0.22000

driver date: 10/8/2015 oem78.inf
driver date: 11/29/2017 oem54.inf

Lenovo with AMD Ryzen CPU

The drive was running FAT32 but have converted to NTFS but no change. The drive is working fine but preventing memory isolation from working.


I followed instructions in the article listed below and improvised some as well.

This was a rough draft of my steps.

Remove external drive
Place laptop in Safe Mode
Open Device Driver
Select View and by Connections
Locate Western Digital devices (wdc…inf) oemxx.inf
Document the names then right click and delete (wdc…inf) oemxx.inf
Go to Windows/inf and delete .inf files located above.
Exit Windows and restart
Once within windows, plug in external drive.
The drive will require the driver needed and will install it. Mine was from 2006.
Running Windows Update will find a device driver for WDC_SAM under Options. Initially I did not install the driver, I later went back in and installed it without issue!
Once completed, go back into CPU Settings and enable Memory …


Just noticed the same exact message myself today. There was a flag in my Windows Security app on my Taskbar. When I opened the app to see what was going on, the issue of course, was a flag in Device Security. Unable to turn on Memory Integrity because of this. Came to the chat looking for answers and (possible) solutions. I have the EX2 Ultra, not even a year old now. Cannot find anything on the WD website about downloading updated drivers, or possible error messages related to this. I don’t get it? Anyone know if this is possibly just an issue with Windows 11? Or is it something else? Noticed that your post here was back in September. Have you resolved since then? I had to finally just dismiss the message, but didn’t really feel comfortable about doing that…